Distribution & Marketing
is not one-size-fits-all
The premier end-to-end music distribution resource, DashGo distributes to digital platforms around the world. Our catalog of 200,000+ songs and 10,000+ artists includes some of the most revered independent musicians, personalities and programs in the world.

Reach your fans. Wherever they are...

Monetization that's both global & hyper local.
DashGo works to maximize the value of music catalogs in partnership with clients and align incentives, reaching over 30 worldwide digital platforms. We pride ourselves with longtime direct relationships and integration with download, streaming & radio services as well as collecting directly from SoundExchange.
With DashGo, You Get More.
Unlike most distributors, DashGo is hands on with our catalog. We want to see your music succeed on every level. We help devise promotional plans for retailers, publicity, discovery & synergetic strategic partnerships in the digital and physical space.
YouTube MCN
Fully YouTube Certified
Strong network of creators + partners
Monetize Sound Recordings, Compositions & Videos
Advanced Analytics
Strategies for Digital Rights, Channel Development, Content Creation & More

238,000 Monetized Videos
1.2 Million Subscribers
5.4 Billion Views
14 Billion Minutes Watched

Analytics That Matter.
Reporting and Analytics matter to independent artists. You need to understand patterns of your music's reach. Downloads or Streams? YouTube or Spotify? Big in Japan? We got it. Through DashGo's reporting and analytics tools, you can identify trends through detailed reporting in order to strategize and grow your revenue.