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  • The dashgo advantage
    DashGo's boutique digital distribution works with premier indie labels and artists to promote and monetize content globally on digital retailers, streaming services and internet radio. We know that distibution is not one-size-fits-all and that it is more making music available - it is making people listen to it. We work closely with clients on specific strategies tailored to your needs.
    Labels - Easily Manage Your Artists
    • Unified, industry-leading dashboard to manage all your releases
    • Complete encoding, metadata, and content archiving
    • Comprehensive royalty reporting provides complete label, artist, and publisher reporting to fit your needs, Fully Harry Fox Agency reporting compliant.
    • Dedicated marketing support for your catalog
    Artists - Retain Full Control Over Your Music
    • Manage your music releases from a single platform
    • Collect royalties monthly and see sales almost instantly
    • DashGo provides UPCs, ISRCs, encoding and delivery to hundreds of the most popular digital music distibutors
    • Social analytics help track your performance across many social networks and internet radio stations
    Music Services - Premium Catalog
    • Over 200,000 tracks, 10,000 artists available for global digital rights
    • Top indie catalogs include Record Collection, Time Records, Twiins Music Group and Unisound and artists including Weezer, Coconut Records, El Komander and Tori Kelly
    • Rapid delivery integration to your delivery specs
    • Supports client releases with sales and marketing strategy
    About the Founder Ben Patterson founded DashGo in 2007 and serves as its CEO. DashGo provides worldwide digitald istribution and services for over 10,000 artists including Coconut Records, Weezer, Rock Mafia, Delicious Vinyl and others. Ben Patterson also served as Vice President of Business Development and Operations for Topps Digital Services where he directed expansion of client gift card programs, including the Facebook gift card to south-east Asian and global loyalty programs. Prior to DashGo, he served as Executive VP at GMG Entertainment developing music brand strategies for Target, Sony and Ford among other clients, creating the iTunes/Tickemaster gift card with Target; and as Senior VP of Business Development and New Media at The Firm, directing digital revenue and marketing strategies for clients including The Dixie Chicks, Linkin Park, Enrique Iglesias, Backstreet Boys and Audioslave.